Vegetarian Wedding Plans

I am getting married later this year and am planning on having an entirely vegetarian wedding. I don’t think this will come as a massive surprise to our guests as both myself and my fiance are vegetarian, yet some people have called me selfish for inflicting my views on others! I don’t think I’ve ever complained to the about the food at a wedding or any other social function, despite the fact that the veggie option is often of very poor quality. I have had to have a plate of side vegetables as xmas dinner before, as the veggie option was inedible, but I understand that the organisers cannot arrange for everyone’s personal tastes to be catered for.I certainly wouldn’t call them selfish. When you’re catering for large numbers of people you’ll never please everyone .However, I fully intend to have a chocolate wedding cake too, despite the fact that one or two of the guests can’t stand chocolate, but no one seems to find that offensive! I won’t be asking anyone to eat anything they don’t already eat – I’m just asking them to lay off the meat for one meal. Is that really selfish? If people really object, they can get a burger on the way home – we’ll never know!

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