Our Vegetarian Wedding

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve had a busy year! As you may remember, I was planning my (vegetarian) wedding last time. You might also remember that the idea of a meat-free weekend was met with some hostility by some of the guests, as well as a few people who had nothing to do with the wedding but felt the need to object anyway! Well, I’m pleased to say that it went without a hitch and there were no complaints about the food. In fact, lots of the guests told us how delicious it was and that they hadn’t missed having meat at all. The venue, Buckland Hall, was beautiful, the staff were attentive yet unobtrusive, and the food was amazing!

 Buckland Hall is an entirely vegetarian and egg-free venue, and if you’re planning a veggie event, I can heartily recommend it! The cake was made locally Jo Wright at Secret Cinderella Cakes and also went down very well, despite being dairy free! 
The hand knitted owl cake toppers were a clue to our “surprise entertainment”. Our wedding rings were delivered to the best man during the ceremony my Olivia the barn owl, and after the drinks and canapes, we all moved outside into the crisp November air for a falconry display provided by Hawksdrift Falconry, who you might have seen on Dragon’s Den
All the guests had a chance to fly the birds, including my favourite and star of the show, Olivia.After the falconry display, we moved back indoors for our fantastic wedding breakfast, followed by a relaxing break then a disco and more veggie treats in the evening. 
All in all, the day couldn’t have gone better, and I think the whole experience goes to show that you should do what you think is right and what makes you happy, especially when it comes to your wedding. You will never be able to please everyone anyway, and you never know, you might even change some people’s minds – if only temporarily! 

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